Thirty minutes into the interview I was hired to direct marketing and outreach, and was whisked off to the first project meeting. During the meeting’s introductions, everyone laughed when they realized how brand new I was. The project I had been launched into was Philly Play, a pilot program for a city-wide initiative aimed at encouraging […]

I never expected these questions to provoke such interesting answers. I thought I’d just get some quick responses, mostly stuff I had already heard before. Three hours later I was amazed at the depth I found. Where did you grow up? What was your childhood like?  Up until I was six I lived in Canada. […]

I’m a weirdo. I actually like public speaking. Sure, it’s a challenge, but one that offers so much if you can conquer it. A couple years ago I balked at the public speaking requirement in college, frustrated that I’d have to move out of my online classroom environment and attend a real live class. Thankfully I […]

So I closed on my house today. The offer had been accepted a month ago, but you never know until you know. My mom had recently brought up something I had written when I was maybe, 12 years old. Half my age now. It was a poem I had to write for school, though I […]

I love the Philadelphia FringeArts festival. Every year I attend at least 10 plays over the course of 18 days. It’s a game of culture and logistics, seeing how many plays I can schedule, and friends I can wrangle. After about five years of rigorous attendance, my friends now know not to mess with me. I ask […]

Relationships are the stuff of life. Probably the most important stuff. In this modern era of equality and exploration there are more combinations than ever. Female, male, straight, gay, old and young combine and mingle in ways that the world have never seen before. Gone are the days of women bustling about in the kitchen while the […]

The pride and fear are at about the same level. After years of zillow-ing home values while watching the DIY network I finally have my own. I was informed by my agent that I had, what they refer to as “zing,” for this house. In other words, a giddy feeling that’s not necessarily based on […]