Phindie Review! Note to Self: Awkward is funny.


Cast members of “Note to Self.”

It’s always a little nerve wracking to go see improv comedy. If I take someone to see a show of any kind, I sneak little looks their way, hoping to see signs of enjoyment. It’s probably creepy, but theater means so much to me that when I bring someone new to it, I’m definitely crossing my fingers that the performance will make a convert out of them.

Improv is especially tricky. It can go really wrong. I’ve watched people mumble on stage over crickets in the audience, hoping they’ll finally get to a funny ending line so they can cut the bit. Searching for dramatic tension or a high moment to finish the scene is something that’s normally done in script writing, but with improv it’s all done on the spot – in front of everyone.

This sort of awkwardness is painful for everyone involved, but “Note to Self” didn’t shy away from it. They capitalized on it. I didn’t even need to sneak looks – I could hear the laughter. Check out my full analysis on Phindie.


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