Bucky, Philadelphia, and geodesic domes.

Sam Green and Yo La Tengo in THE LOVE SONG OF R. BUCKMINSTER FULLER (photo credit: Ed Dittenhoefer of Ithaca Times 2012)

I love the Philadelphia FringeArts festival. Every year I attend at least 10 plays over the course of 18 days. It’s a game of culture and logistics, seeing how many plays I can schedule, and friends I can wrangle. After about five years of rigorous attendance, my friends now know not to mess with me. I ask for availability, carefully consider their interests, and then reveal the plan. It takes me five or six hours of research, texting, and confirming to get it all sorted. I love it, I’m a total groupie. So when I got to sit down with Nick Stuccio, the man who started it all, and talk about all things FringeArts…well…it was a good freakin’ day!

FringeArts now has a year-round space, a block from my house I might add, and they’re putting it good use. This First Friday in Old City (Apr. 4) they’ll be showing The Love Song of R. Buckminster Fuller from acclaimed documentary filmmaker Sam Green. Fuller lived in Philadelphia for the last years of his life, and was an all around amazing guy – even before he moved to Philly, I hear. Of course, FringeArts wouldn’t just show any movie. This one comes alive on stage with narration from Sam, and an original score from beloved band Yo La Tengo. Truly a great start for all future First Friday offerings from FringeArts. Check out the full interview here.


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