What’s better than bringing friends together? Very little, in my opinion. Through running my own events, whether it be a 300 person NYE bash in collaboration with a huge team, or an epic house party, I’ve learned multitudes about smooth execution and what takes a good event…to great.

Here’s some of my favorite events I’ve hosted.

Night of the Stars NYE Bash

New Year’s Eve is a whole different animal. Competing with countless other venues and meeting higher expectations of decoration and glam than the rest of the year, a successful NYE party requires serious game face. My first endeavor went fabulously, with a sexy Havannah Nights style theme.

New Years-93-X2


Jurassic Jungle

Complete with fire dancing, dinosaur masks, primitive dress, 50 pounds of ribs sculpted into the shape of a dinosaur carcass, blow gun range, and mud wrestling this was my first major private event. Over 100 people attended and roared the night away.jurassic

Holiday Photo Shoot Extravaganza

A picture is worth a thousand words. Every year when families send out their holiday cards, I’ve felt that many of them lost an opportunity to tell the best 1000 word story possible. I gathered my friends together for an epic meal and photo shoot to try and capture as much of our weird group story as a lens could handle. The aim was anything but perfection, and I still laugh out loud looking at the expressions every time. Mission accomplished.


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